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Looking for a livestock vet near your home?
I'm John Lyons Horse Trainer Keith Hosman and I put online to make it easier for you to find your neighborhood large animal veterinarians. This is a national, city-by-city, guide to literally 1000s of DVMs for your horses or cattle, ranch, stable or barn. If this year's foal crop needs its first round of shots, if cows need to be bred, inoculated or tested, if your llama needs a poultice, equestrians and cattlemen alike will find a Dr here that's no stranger to the concept of making a "ranch call." Note that, to the right of each vet or clinic listing, you'll also find links to online, tailored-to-you interactive maps & directions.

Plus, you'll see health products, feed, fencing & more at the best prices anywhere!
The best deals for farmers, cattlemen and equestrians happen on eBay. But it's a huge site how do you find the real deals? Answer: Use the links found here to shop eBay's live listings for a select listing of health care products, feed, tools, etcetera. Or, use the "search box" (top, right of any page) to find virtually anything else for stable, ranch or barn in just seconds. Save gas when you stay home and buy online.

Take a gander at that listing in the left navigation section: You'll find great deals on fencing, from fence pullers to polytape insulators. You'll find savings on hay, feed, treats and supplements. You'll find endless health care products, from vet books, to large animal tattoo kits, from weight scales to clippers and farrier tools and all of this as currently presented on eBay.


Farming Quads (Utility ATVs) Sell on eBay and Near You!
Save $$$: Want to buy the best ATV for work around the farm, stable, barn or garden? Locate local ATV dealerships or stay home and buy online on eBay at! Whether you refer to it as a "utility vehicle," "ranching quad" or just "4X4," you'll save a ton shopping online.

Make tracks to! You'll locate local walk-in dealerships plus all the big-name ATV brands as currently selling online at eBay. Listed state by state & near you.

Arctic Cat 4X4 Quad Bikes | Bombardier Utility Vehicles | Honda Farm Quads | Kawasaki ATVs | Polaris Farming 4X4s | Suzuki Utility ATVs | Yamaha Quad Bikes


See John Lyons Certified Horse Trainers Living In Your Area at a glance!*
To see where each and every John Lyons horse trainer lives in relation to you, tool on over to my site, and check out the interactive United States map. With a single mouse click you'll also get trainer contact information. (Visit > Find a Trainer then just scroll down to the map link)

*Also: A directory of Richard Shrake and Pat Parelli accredited trainers and horsemen!


Horse Stabling: Horse Motels to Full Service Equestrian Centers
Find a stable for your horse plus your area training barns, farms offering overnight turnout or pasture, mare care and equestrian centers at

This Second on eBay: Horse & Stock Trailers for Sale Near You!
eBay is selling horse and stock trailers right this moment at the best prices anywhere. But it's a big site - you'll need to find a deal near you not one garaged 1200 miles away!

Saddlery | Tack Shop: Coast-to-Coast Directory
Shopping for a new or used saddle? Maybe you're looking for english tack for sale? Sister site lists out over four thousand tack and feed stores plus saddles, equipment and equestrian supply as listed live on eBay.


Round Pen Horse Training: First Steps
For equestrians: Five-part downloadable "horse course" covers Round Penning, Pick Up Feet When I Point, Sacking Out, Spook in Place and Come To Me. Plus... a bonus chapter: How to use the roundpen to teach your horse to actually hunt out and hop into open trailers!

- Downloadable book features proven training methods of well-known trainer John Lyons
- Print it from your home computer and be training minutes later
- Practice the material at a rate comfortable for you
- Presented in 5 days & 5 separate chapters

Here's a selection from "Round Pen 1st Steps" from Certified Lyons Trainer Keith Hosman:

"When your horse is consistently doing smooth inside and outside turns, you'll find that the sucker has developed the annoying habit of moving away from you as you approach. Of course, this is natural we've been driving the horse to turn and to 'be snappy about it.' But we want the horse to get even better at reading our body language and sometimes we just want to spell out 'Hey, stop already.' Some horses will be more than happy to park out, while owners of young, frightened, green horses will find this easier said than done. Regardless of where you and your horse fall in this spectrum, we'll remedy the situation with today's segment.

Today's first step is to get the horse stopped with his head facing into the fence, his rear pointed in to the center. Keep in mind two simple rules when working with a horse at this stage: 1) We can't force the horse to stand still and, 2) The horse can't unilaterally decide to stop. We can't make him stop; he can't stop when we want him to move. As with most round pen work, this section will go faster the quicker you are to make your corrections. Be quick about it yourself and you'll wrap this up quickly."

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DIY Horse Training

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